Basic Blackjack Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is the correct play for each blackjack hand possibility as developed by four mathematicians back in the 1950’s. This was later refined when thousands of computer simulations were run against the theory. It is designed to win more good hands and lose fewer bad hands. When a player uses the strategy his or her decisions regarding hitting, standing, splitting, doubling, etc. have all been made for them. This technique is also referred to as “Perfect Blackjack”.

The vast majority of casual blackjack players do not know blackjack basic strategy. While many will claim that they understand it, in reality most do not. The following questions are designed to test a player’s knowledge of basic blackjack strategy:

1. The Player’s hand is 12, the Dealer shows 3. Does the player Hit or Stand? (Answer: Hit)
2. The Player’s hand is 8, the Dealer shows 6. Does the Player Hit or Double Down? (Answer: Hit)
3. The Player’s hand is 16, the Dealer shows 7. Does the Player Hit or Stand? (Answer: Hit)
4. The Player’s hand is 16, the Dealer shows 6. Does the Player hit or stand? (Answer: Stand)
5. The Player’s hand is 2, the Dealer shows 7. Does the Player stand or split? (Answer: Stand)

When a player is at a live blackjack table and unsure as to what to do in order to follow basic strategy, it is recommended that the player ask the dealer. Since the dealers get more tips when a player wins, they have an incentive to help out the players. In that case, there’s no harm in asking for help. The worst they can say is “no”, and you’re no better or worse shape than you were before.

When a player is online, he or she can play directly using their own printed basic strategy blackjack card, since the online casinos have no way of telling if you are using a “crib sheet” or not. Making use of such readily available information will help a player win more and allow them to keep playing for much longer. Good Luck!

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