Slot Machine Strategies

Before you start to play slots online there is one thing you need to be clear: basically online slot machines are games of change and programmed to make profit for the online casinos, so there’s no bullet proof strategies to ensure your winnings, but we can give you a few tips to increase your odds.

Generally there are two basic slot strategies. The first one is to increase your winning chances with sharing your bets. There are several different kind of slots online with various coin prizes and you can select the ones that fit your budget. If you have for example $10 for playing slots it’s better to pick one with $0.1 coin prize instead of $2 coins and you can spin ten times more to win some prizes.

The disadvantage of the strategy above that the biggest jackpots could be won only if you play with the maximum bets. So if you have bigger bankroll, it’s always better to play with the maximum coin size and all paylines.

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