Online casino trends: what will change in 2020

The virtual gambling market is developing at a huge pace. In 2020, it becomes even more interesting and offers users a lot of innovations. There are the development of mobile gambling, the introduction of new technologies and other interesting innovations of คา สิ โน ออนไลน์.

Mobile gambling 2020

Mobile gambling has been developing very actively for several years in a row. Many gambling establishments are switching to players’ smartphones and tablets. Online casino Vulkan is available on mobile retaining all functionality and access to games. This allows you to play anywhere and anytime.

Over the past five years, the share of gamblers who switched to smartphones was about 36%. However, this indicator does not stop. Experts predict that in 2020, more than half of players will discover mobile gambling.


Many gaming establishments claim that this year they can switch to cryptocurrency. This is not just a tribute to something new and trends, but also an opportunity to increase the confidence of players, secure and protect their funds.

When using blockchain in คา สิ โน ออนไลน์, you can make calculations as transparent as possible, and it is also impossible to hack, which increases the security of players ‘ data.

Using cryptocurrency, casinos guarantee players the security of their personal information, since they do not need to provide personal data to make a deposit. Cryptocurrency withdrawal is carried out with a small commission or without it at all. All transactions are anonymous.

New technologies in online casinos

In 2020, players are offered a lot of interesting chips that can be implemented in gaming establishments. First of all, these are slot machines of a new format, with a variety of bonuses, additional games and interesting stories.

Virtual reality technology is being actively introduced, with the help of which the player can fully immerse himself in the process. Online casinos also use it so that the user can feel the reality of what is happening. It feels like a land-based casino.

Earlier the most interesting novelty was 3D technology in slots, but now we offer more vivid games-with the use of virtual reality. This is very original and unusual.

Why do I need VR in games?

  • You are literally immersed in the game;
  • The whole process becomes incredibly realistic;
  • The game leaves a lot of pleasant and positive impressions.

Many slot manufacturers have already started implementing virtual reality in their games. At the same time, it can also be used by casinos in their work. For example, you can use this “chip” to offer your customers a more convenient and updated interface. They will be able to feel like in a land-based casino, which allows you to have fun with even more convenience.

Features of virtual reality implementation

This technology is quite new, but already many manufacturers are looking for ways to apply it correctly.

In games, in principle, everything is clear – many manufacturers have introduced VR games to the market. The user only needs to use special virtual reality glasses to literally delve into the game process.

And it looks great. For example, it may be surrounded by the world of gambling adventure. Also, the game with a virtual dealer will be even more realistic and colorful. At the same time, he does not need to go anywhere or leave the house. In 2020, we can expect the introduction of an artificial intelligence system in the operation of casinos. It is necessary to track and combat fraud, gambling addiction, and other violations.

PWA applications

Progressive Web Applications (PWA), which are also called progressive applications, are gaining more and more fans every day. Companies like Apple and Google almost immediately saw great potential in them and supported their development. It is not surprising, but online casinos are also starting to actively use these apps.

The main difference between PWA technology is that the user can use it to install the application they are interested in directly through the browser and not use online stores. PWA applications work with popular browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

Given the constantly growing popularity of online applications and the desire of users to do everything on the go, it is logical that online casinos actively use PWA to attract new customers.

Big data and gambling

The term “Big Data” literally means “large amounts of data”. This technology has revolutionized Internet marketing. It is based on the analysis of very large amounts of information, for which new methods are used.

Online casinos use Big data for various purposes. They collect information about their visitors and their behavior, competitors, legislative changes in different countries, and much more to generate analytical reports. Basing on such reports, casinos can build their work as efficiently as possible.

For example, information about player behavior allows a gambling establishment to analyze the probability of a successful launch of a new product. Bookmakers, in turn, use this technology to improve the accuracy of their forecasts.

In addition, Big data helps to ensure a high level of security, which is very important for online casinos. Analyzing the behavior of players, special programs can detect fraudsters by their behavior before they have time to harm the institution or other players.

This technology is also actively used to identify players who have signs of gambling addiction, or ludomania. Recently, this problem has received special attention and socially responsible gambling companies are trying to contribute to the fight against unhealthy addiction and promote a healthy attitude to gambling.

As we can see, the sphere of online gambling may change this year. Casinos actively introduce new technologies and offer interesting entertainment to players.

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