Possibilities for peace

Many events and accidents take place all over the world each day. Some of them, like wars and catastrophes appear to happen quite frequently, but could we say that for each process there is a possibility for it to start?

It is very likely that’s how it is, though we are improbable to know the odds of all the elements of everyday life. Likewise, it is hard to tell what the opportunities of peace in the Middle East are and how likely is it for Israel-Palestine war to end. Though players are known for optimism (otherwise they wouldn’t be hazarding cash in hope of winning), if they would have to wager their cash on odds of war continuing they would perhaps do so, but it’s not as they’re pessimistic.

Online casino players are commonly realists. They always analyze the present circumstances, the number of particular results in the past and many other indicators which would aid them forecast the result of some event correctly. Online casinos gambler would bet on war continuing in the Middle-East just as by doing so they would perhaps win. It hasn’t anything to do with bad intentions or pessimism. One could ask a question if there are is any hope for the ending of conflict if online casinos wagering it would continue. The answer is yes, but we will have to wait some time for such option to happen.

As long as there are many people in Middle-East that will increase cash or power if a new war breaks out, we will certainly see one. In such situation, a wagering for the war to end would be optimistic, but just not rational.

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