Mexico – Another Country With Legal Casinos

The number of country in which online gambling is legal is increasing from year to year, even from month to month we hear about another one. This time: Mexico.

Not very modern but very intelligent country. Few facts: around 450 to 1,000 underground unlicensed casinos are open every day. As the answer to this problem, a new Federal Gaming Bill to permit Mexican casino legit functioning is expected to be passed Next December 15th .

The government also has formed a National Gaming Commission, as an authoritative power that will oversee the gambling locals that are to be launched and, what is more, Casino owners will have to disclose their financial back up sources. Now, some key facts: gaming buildings will not be able to run within 200 meters of churches, schools and hospitals. In the same way all gaming cruise ships anchored in the country’s ports will be treated. What is the main reason for such changes?

It’s simple: financial profit, boosting up Mexico’s social and economic growth, creating a sword against unemployment as well as hyping up the country’s withering Tourism situation with many more foreign tourists. Simply, another example showing the fact that legal gambling can be very profitable to whole country.

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